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Frequently Asked Questions

No referral is needed unless you are claiming through CTP, WorkCover, Medicare, or DVA.
Your initial consultation will start with a medical history. Your physiotherapist will ask you a few questions about your condition to help arrive at the most accurate diagnosis. With your consent, a physical assessment is then conducted to confirm the injury and exclude other differential diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, time is taken to explain the injury, so that you fully understand your injury and potential causes. Based on current evidence, you will be given an idea of the currently accepted time frame for recovery. With respect to your goals, a treatment plan is then suggested and agreed upon. Treatment will proceed with your consent. At the end of your treatment, an exercise program is prescribed specifically for your situation to help maintain improvements and prevent re-injury.
Initial consultations go up to 45 minutes. Follow up consultations are 30 minutes.
Absolutely! PRO-FORM allocates time slots for one-on-one treatment to give you full attention and focus. No longer will you have to wait on a machine during your treatment time whilst the physiotherapist walks away to treat someone else!
You will need to bring any relevant documents pertaining to your injury including doctor referrals, x-rays, MRI’s and other reports.
A t-shirt and shorts is a general principle to work by. It is important that the injured region can be easily exposed during assessment or treatment. Therefore, some clothing may be required to be removed to access injured areas. Consent is always gained prior to this, and appropriate covering can be provided for you to protect your privacy.
We use the most comfortable treatment beds made by Athlegen. Athlegen is the official supporter of the Australian Olympic Team.
PRO-FORM Physiotherapy is known for providing quality service at comparable prices to local private clinics. Services may include a small fee to accommodate for travelling expenses if mobile service is required. Despite this, our clients have found our rates more than reasonable considering the convenience of mobility and availability at times that suit your busy schedule.