PRO-FORM Physiotherapy


Our practitioners take pride in their craftsmanship to deliver a premium service that is one of a kind. Carefully curated to suit your goals, we provide a wide array of options below:


Art meets Science. Pro-Form’s physiotherapists provide clarity and tailored solutions centred around resolving pain and restoring movement. Using a variety of assessment tools and special tests, your physio will identify the source of your pain, educate you on your injury, provide evidence based treatment and advice followed by a customized holistic rehabilitation plan specific to your immediate wants and long term needs.


Strength to empower. Pro-Form’s Exercise Physiologists (EP) have an extensive understanding of the body systems and the influence that movement has on your overall health and wellbeing. Get the best advice on how to implement exercise into your life and develop a level of empowerment to adopt healthy practices.


Self care at its finest. At Pro-Form, we are advocates for a hands-on approach and believe in the restorative power of touch. By targeting the right areas and applying pressure to specific points in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, we can improve blood flow and circulation, reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and reset the body’s response to stress, to that which promotes better flexibility, mobility, immunity, recovery and general wellbeing.


East meets west. Massage isn’t the only way to assist with your recovery. Using fine filament acupuncture needles, Pro-Form’s physiotherapists are the experts at targeting tight, irritable and dysfunctional myofascial tissues in the body and have a 6th sense when it comes to desensitizing active trigger points in muscles to restore function and improve pain.


Be mobile. Through gentile manual therapy techniques, Pro-Form’s physiotherapists utilize continuous passive accessory movements to glide joints to activate mechanoreceptors, stimulate a therapeutic effect and enhance joint play to reduce stiffness, pain or discomfort and improve movement.


A strong foundation. Pro-Form’s strength programs are designed to improve your capacity to do work. Using principles of periodization and appropriate loading, we help you become strong and robust to do what you love with confidence.


Proactive range. At Pro-Form, we teach you how to maintain the integrity of your joints through continuous articular rotations. By providing the body the opportunity to explore working in end ranges we can stimulate better neurological control, joint stability and kinaesthetic awareness.


Stretch your limits. With recent breakthroughs in stretching research and application, Pro-Form has developed innovative stretch programs to teach you how to relax overactive muscles, relieve tension, reduce stress, find balance, stimulate recovery and alleviate pain.


Order in the chaos. At Pro-Form, we love challenging our clients. By utilizing the principles of dynamic systems theory and external perturbation training, we help you create the perfect learning environment for your body to self organise and increase your capacity to protect itself from injury.


Mind muscle connection. With a deep understanding of motor learning processes and the structure and function of the neuromuscular and sensory system Pro-Form has developed motor control programs to help you become more proficient with universal movement patterns and skill acquisition for better performance.


The one thing that stays with you for life. There is nothing more essential than breathing to our health and movement. Pro-Form’s practitioners place an importance on optimising breathing mechanics to improve better oxygenation, stress relief, energy, ventilation efficiency, mental focus and athletic performance.


From little things, big things grow. Whether in a class or one-on-one, our qualified pilates practitioners are ready to help you build a stable core. Develop the innermost parts of the body responsible for balance and stability through low impact exercises and experience improvements in strength, flexibility, mobility and posture. 


Coming together is the beginning. The human body is a beautiful thing. With our holistic lifestyle consults, we empower you to understand how various systems in your body all impact each other and how to best optimise them to live your best life. By integrating your thoughts, breathing, sleep, hydration, nutrition and movement we provide a holistic approach to enjoy life and extend it for the long run.


Prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait until you’re injured to find the right help. Our prehab programs are designed to work on your weaknesses and build a more resilient body that is well prepared to tackle any obstacle, challenge or load thrown it’s way. Whether you’re training for a marathon, or simply want to invest in your health, these programs are meant to progress you to be better.


Establishing a baseline. Identifying movement deficiencies is the key to reducing injuries and improving sporting performance. At Pro-Form, we have taken the best screening protocols and assessments from the latest research to conduct clinically relevant functional assessments that we can use to build tailored programs.


Eyes for detail. At Pro-Form, movement matters to us. We make it our mission to understand why movement is important to you, how you move, and ways we can make it better. With the use of video analysis and the latest technology, we are able to assess, educate, train and program better universal movement patterns for our athletes to achieve their goals. 


Keeping you in check. There is nothing more humbling than identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Our practitioners are veterans when it comes to regular sports performance evaluations and pre- and post season testing to gather the necessary data for sports teams, trainers and coaches to select appropriate load management and training volume for athletes throughout the season.


Access from anywhere. After pivoting during the COVID season, our practitioners are pro’s at providing the same value through telehealth as in person for online consultations, classes, exercise programming and advice, especially for those who desire access to our services from afar.


Movement Matters. A healthy workforce, ia a productive workforce. At PROFORM we understand how a workplace environment can impact a workforce, and strive to make it better through movement. On-site movement assessments, strength & fitness programs, ergonomics, manual handling,  occupational health and safety and corporate wellness seminars are just some of the many things we do to build healthier workplaces.


Early recognition. Our team is committed to supporting businesses and their employees. By partnering with our extended network of expert occupational health professionals, we can limit time lost from work and improve better health outcomes for workers in the long run.  


Purposeful Work. We understand the frustration of workers seeking to return to work after an injury and the challenges business owners face with an injured employee on an insurance claim. PRO-FORM offers accredited SIRA Health Professionals who can guide patients through the complexities of the work cover/CTP claims process, and return them safely and swiftly to work on pre-injury duties.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Lending a Hand. At PROFORM we offer the full array of services to assist any participants that qualify under the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) seeking health care. We understand the intricacies involved with the NDIS claims process and we stand ready to assist anyone  in need of a hand.

Where Movement Matters

Pro-Form Physiotherapy aims to give you fast, effective relief for long-lasting pain and injury free results.